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Introducing Mango's Tea & Kitchen: A New Takeaway Sensation

Mango's Tea & Kitchen

We're excited to share with you the news of our latest culinary venture, Mango's Tea & Kitchen. This new takeaway brand offers a unique blend of convenience and taste, providing a range of ready-to-eat and drink options that are perfect for anyone on the go.

Our menu is a delicious blend of bakery items, sandwiches, and traditional Asian treats, like flavored mantou (wheat buns) and steamed bao. But Mango's Tea & Kitchen is not just about the food. As our name suggests, we have a special focus on tea-based drinks. Our beverage selection offer a variety of tastes, from the traditional Chinese tea based to the popular selection of bubble tea trend. For those who prefer a different kind of brew, we also serve coffee and a variety of soft drinks.

Mango's Tea & Kitchen at U Mall Phnom Penh

We are thrilled to announce that we're now open for business in the newly established U Mall. Conveniently located near the Russian Embassy on Sothearos Corner in Phnom, Mango's Tea & Kitchen is perfectly positioned to serve a bustling community of locals and expats alike.

Mango's Tea & Kitchen

So if you're looking for a quick bite to eat or a refreshing drink to quench your thirst, look no further than Mango's Tea & Kitchen. We can't wait to serve you!

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