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Emperors of China: A Gastronomic Adventure Through Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Emperors of China

Since 2008, Emperors of China has been part of Cambodia's dining scene in Phnom Penh, offering authentic Chinese gastronomy. With a harmonious blend of classic Chinese cuisine, the restaurant delivers an extraordinary dining affair suitable for social gatherings, casual meet-ups, or corporate events.

Our menu invites you on a gastronomic tour through the rich and varied realm of Chinese delights. It features the legendary Peking duck, meticulously handcrafted dim sum, and the freshest seafood, all complemented by an authentic assortment of Chinese teas, wines, and spirits. Emperors of China is open for breakfast and lunch, but dinner, available only by reservation for a private and exclusive feast.

Chef Lu Shichang of Emperors Of China

Chef Lu Shichang, a veteran dim sum specialist with over three decades of culinary expertise, leads our kitchen. His career started with Haigang Catering Group in 2003, leading to his role as Head Dim Sum Chef at Xiaolan Harbor Restaurant in 2005. He became a pupil of Master Chef Mai in 2009, and in 2012, he assumed the role of Master Dim Sum Chef at Emperors of China. His concept of serving made-to-order, handmade dim sum has left a profound impact on our guests.

Chef Wen Chuantong of Emperors Of China

Alongside Chef Lu is Chef Wen Chuantong, a native of Guangzhou with over 20 years dedicated to perfecting Cantonese cuisine. With a career that has traversed multiple cities and a 12-year tenure at Emperors of China, Chef Wen excels in preparing dishes that accentuate the natural flavors of ingredients and underscore meticulous culinary techniques.

Emperors of China is more than a restaurant - it's a tribute to Chinese gastronomic arts, a recognition of its chefs' talent and dedication, and a dining journey that creates lasting memories.

At Emperors Of China, we believe in crafting not just meals, but experiences. Driven by our conviction that food should be outstanding, this ethos is embedded in all that we do. We invite you and your loved ones to partake in our distinctive Chinese culinary adventure.

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